Black Lives Matter

My heart has been heavy lately. Life is filled with injustice, and it’s been brought to light more than ever lately. Black Lives Matter. Racism is a systemic issue within this country and we must work to right this wrong. Instead of sharing my voice, one of privilege, I wanted to highlight and share the voices of others to those of you who follow me.

I think the Minimalist Baker had a great statement about their stance on the Black Lives Matter movement which you can read here.

"Food brings people together on many different levels. It's nourishment of the soul and body; it's truly love." -Giada De Laurentiis

I don’t feel that I can continue to share recipes with all of you without sharing how I want to change. I truly believe that food can and should be used to bring people together. I am fully supportive of the Black Lives Matter Movement. I have spent the past few weeks signing petitions, calling my representatives, sending emails, reading, learning, and growing. We must demand justice. We must recognize our wrongdoings and learn to do better.


I don't have lots of followers AND I still believe that I hold a responsibility to amplify black voices. 

I am committing to do better. I am committing to acknowledge that I have done wrong and be actively anti-racist. 

I am committing to share resources with you all. The DC Public Library has unlimited copies of ‘Me and White Supremacy’, ‘White Fragility’ and ‘So You Want to Talk About Race’ available to

download online.

I am committing to continue signing petitions and using my voice, one of privilege, to fight for justice and equality. 

I am committing to share black food bloggers with you all. Here are a few of my favorites on Instagram. The Kitchenista, Foodie in New York, Little Chef Izzy, Butter Be Ready, Chocolate For Basil, and The Pink Owl Kitchen.

I am committing to share recipes inspired by other cultures in ways that are respectful, appropriate, and uplifting. 

Food is such a source of comfort for me. I hope it is for you too in this time. Keep baking. Keep cooking. Keep uplifting those around us. Keep sharing melanated voices. Let’s do better and fight for what matters. Black Lives Matter. 

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter”

  1. I have read your words and believe in your amazing heart.
    Your voice in any form in the face of injustice is important and heard. Thank you.
    Shawn Kwak

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