I’m mad

Today I’m feeling really mad In fact, I’ve been feeling this way for the past couple of days. Mad to the point where I feel like I could cry hot angry tears. And I have. I hate it. It’s just not fair.  Recovering from an… Read More »I’m mad

Peach Berry Galette

Labor day weekend is here! It’s the last hurrah of summer! And I’ve got the perfect recipe for you!!! I made a peach caprese galette a while ago and it was delicious!! It sent me on a galette craze where I made galettes every couple… Read More »Peach Berry Galette

Fall Zucchini Bread

Sunday baking – woohoo! After a really long, hard, and stressful week, I had the sweetest weekend ever. I spent time with my love, visited with family, and had a schedule packed with the most restful and fun activities. I am feeling so re energized… Read More »Fall Zucchini Bread

Banana Crumb CAke

I’m back with some Saturday baking for you!! Thanks for giving me some grace this week and sticking around while I haven’t been posting much. I’m moving into my new house today. I’ve been staying at my grandmother’s house all week while working every day.… Read More »Banana Crumb CAke