some things that have helped me

It's national eating disorder awareness week.

I’ve been trying to share bits and pieces of my story with you all in the hopes that it might feel encouraging or helpful in some way. Today I’m sharing some things that have helped me in my recovery. Please keep in mind that these are things that I have found helpful. I encourage you all to try out different tips and tricks to find out what is most helpful and supportive for you. 


For when you need help eating a meal

  1. Eat with a trusted member of your support team, whether its a family member, friend, or someone else. Eating with someone else can help hold you accountable
  2. Distract yourself. Watch a show, read or book, listen to a podcast, do whatever it takes to distract yourself during mealtimes so you can focus on something besides the food you are eating
  3.  Incorporate foods that feel safe with foods that are more challenging. 

For when you need help after a meal

My general rule of thumb in recovery is when I notice the urge to use eating disorder behaviors, give it 15 minutes and see how I’m feeling after. By distracting myself for even 15 minutes, the urge typically subsides or I am able to talk myself through the situation and find more positive coping skills. 

  1. Listen to a playlist. My go to playlist is called scream it out. It is comprised of four songs and four songs only. Gas Lighter by the Chicks, All Too Well and Champagne problems by Taylor Swift, and Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo. 
  2. Watch a show. I prefer watching a short and funny show. My latest go to has been Schitt’s Creek. Episodes are 22 minutes long. 
  3. Draw! I am terrible at drawing but I love connecting the dots. I like to connect a couple hundred dots, if not finishing the whole picture. I have this book and LOVE it. 
  4. Move your body in a loving and gentle way! Go for a walk or follow along with a youtube video for yoga. 
  5. Paint your nails!  


  1. You aren’t alone.
  2. Recovery is possible.
  3. Eating disorders thrive in secrecy. Be scared to talk about it and do it anyways.

What are some things you have found to be helpful? I’d love to hear in the comments below or in my dms! Love you all. 

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